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Submit Priti Joshi is renowned Indian astrologer Vedic astrologer with over 25 years of experience. Originating from an astrologers family in India she is a well-known Vedic astrologer nad expert in USA. She also possesses equal expertise in Vedic Numerology and Lal Kitab. Her client spectrum has no religious and language bar. From Hindu to Christian and English to French, she helps who ever come to her seeking solution for any problem. She has a deep faith in Shridi Sai Baba, which she believes to be her source of guidance to her reading and advice. You will be truly amazed at her gifted reading and prediction power.

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According to some believers Ravana is considered to be the original author of Lal Kitab. They say that when Ravana lost power due to arrogance, he also lost possession of Lal Kitab which later surfaced in a place called Aaad in Arabia, where it got translated into Urdu and Persian. Some people believe it to be a part of Arabian and Islamic culture and believe it to be having Persian origins, many call it The Red Book of Persia [3] but most of acclaimed followers and researchers attribute it to be a book on branch of jyotisha , as the book follows the planetary positions and names of Navagraha used by vedic people to give predictions and remedies.

Get Lal Kitab astrology calculations, predictions & remedies Lal Kitab software casts lal kitab kundli with remedies. Lal Kitab Horoscope software contains – Lal Kitab horoscope, birth chart, Lal Kitab Chandra Kundali, Planetary degrees, planet positions, Bhava degrees, friendship chart, planet / Rashi prediction, Teva detail, Lal Kitab Dasha.

Nine planets are worshiped to achieve success and the maximum power is generated from a particular planet to get it fully energised. Special Tantrik Puja’s which is performed only at midnight are done to remove ego and negativeness that hamper spiritual and material growth. Tantrik rituals are performed essentially for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace.

People are blessed with intense joy, prosperity and seek protection against evil, enemies and adversities. Only your trust,faith and belief gives the best results.. Ask him to read your horoscope and give your predictions right from your birth. Let your Astrologer analyze your horoscope and let him tell you what happened in past in this life.

Let him tell you what is happening with you in current life. What happened in previous births can never be tested. So, test your Astrologer and trust him.

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People who by no means go to an astrologer in their whole life also once in a life time go to an astrologer for Kundali matching. Even in love marriages which are approved by parents, men and women get the Kundali matching done. The 8 criteria for Ashta Koot or Guna matching are as follows 1. Varna — Matching in the castes 2.

Get Lal Kitab predictions, Lal Kitab kundli, Lal Kitab software, Lal Kitab horoscocpe and Lal Kitab varshphal free. According to the Lal Kitab, when a planet’s influence is in accordance to the house it is seated in, the Lal Kitab Predictions and Remedies work wonders. Lal Kitab is gaining in popularity thanks to its unique remedies.

It is popular amongst neophytes and masters of astrology equally. The enamored of the remedial measures of Lal Kitab and the astrologers who suggest them take pride in them. The measures are too simple to be explained in detail and too typical to be understood by an intelligent human being. Whatever be the facts they are quite effective and cannot be just given up for their simplicity.

Rather they bring credit to him who suggests them. Written in ancient Urdu language, first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. Authorship of the books seems to be disputed. Lal Kitab remedies are affordable, easy and provide quick results. The effect of remedies is unbelievable. It is said that these remedies are especially suitable for quick results in Kalyuga as the traditional methods. Mantra, Yagya, Japa, Havana etc.

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Marriage is the sacred bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life. The factors which are considered at the time of marriage are: Guna Milan is based on the position of Moon in the Natal Charts of bride and groom. The eight Kootas are: It shows spiritual compatibility of boy and girl along with their ego levels. It shows mutual attraction, control in marriage and also calculates the power equation in between married couples.

Match Making Marriage is a sacred institution which is a delicate relationship not between two individuals but between two families in the view of astrology. The question of matching horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom is an extremely sensitive one.

Kundli dosh nivaran Kundli Dosh Nivaran you know what the Vedic birth chart, you know it’s a graph is based on the planetary positions at the time of birth. This is also known that the free online horoscope or Janam Kundali can help see what fate has in store for you. The main thing is that you do not know what it represents and what it means. This Janam Kundli or more commonly known as natal chart, natal horoscope, Vedic horoscope, Tewa, just plain Kundli, is the geometric design of the heavens at the time of birth.

This free utility for Askganesha. This service not only gives you the vision of the things that you do not know about your horoscope. Wanting to know everything about for your zodiac sign or rashi then this is the best free online horoscope in astrology zodiac signs Askganesha by astrologers. Receive the blessings of Lord Ganesha and surfing , with happiness and joy.

You could also get to know the best remedies to help ease the difficult situations in the horoscope Matchmaking specialist This online service is free astrology by askganesha. This service daily horoscope helps you plan your day in advance and if there is some evil influences during the day can be prepared for them. The daily, weekly and monthly transit of planets affects the 12 zodiac signs.

“Free Kundli Online with Janam Kundali Remedies”

The welcome screen is one of the feature of new interface, which offers all what is required to get it started quickly and easily when you start the program. There is no need to buy any additional atlas for the program. The inbuilt atlas comes free and quickly searches directly from its large database. Kundli Chakra gives you a complete solution of Vedic Astrology to generate professional reports and quickly analyse and predict horoscope of clients and others.

Clicking on the nakshatra gives full details of vedha formed, also each planets details given on the same chart. All study at one place.

At MyKundali, you will find detailed kundli and astrology software for free, through which you can make your own birth chart, carry out kundli matching, read predictions and so on. What is Kundali It is a graphical representation of planets, houses, stars and constellations in the .

I have found the Spring Time of my Life through your Shadow. It Is all because of Rajat ji. He is a Gem. I got the Vaastu Visit of my Flat done from Rajat ji. He suggested very Simple Interior Vastu changes in my Flat. My wife used to be sick 10 months in a year. He does it in such a simple way but the results are really Miraculous. You have lighted our Life by Excellent Vastu Tips.

I was very much worried for my daughter; I was not getting the right match for her. He is a great Scientific Genius in the Science of Fortune. His Gemstones Remedies Are really very very authentic.

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Number 4 is considered to be a positive reflection of Sun i. According to Indian astrology , Rahu is the lord of number 4 and according to the western astrology Uranus is believed to be the representative of this number. Number 4 is said to be related to number 1 which is related to Sun. They sometimes experience unusual circumstances in life beyond their imagination. People born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 dates of any month come under the category of number 4.

In India, Janam Kundli (also called as Birth Chart or Natal Chart) is taken into consideration for Kundli Matching. Guna Milan is based on the position of Moon in the Natal Charts of bride and groom. In North India, there is a process of Guna Milan, called as, “Ashtakoot Milan”, which signifies the.

Luck change advance by lal kitab remedies Luck change by vaastu and fengshui Luck change professional classical Luck change by yantra, tantra, mantra,gemstones, metals and puja remedies Shree Super Advance Luck Changer Price: This is luck controlling tool. With the help of this software you can monitor, manage and control your luck up to some extent for your good and bad times of life for health, wealth, friends, comforts, children, disease, court cases, enemies, life partner, business, age or danger to life, religious activities, luck, profession, income, expenses and losses.

Special in this luck changer. It will show you the power graph for all 12 houses and 9 planets for daily, monthly and yearly. It will show you the trends of life for different sphere of life as per 12 houses. After observing danger to life aspects like loss in business, danger to age, health problems, danger to any relative life, decrease in comforts, increase in worries and disease, increase in wasteful expenditure and like wise you can ask the software to suggest remedies for luck change.

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